The House of Robert Timms has been an Australian symbol of quality for 70 years. Their new Signature Series Drip Filter Pour Over coffee brings a new dimension to a luxury in-room hotel experience. Inspired by the beautiful tea ceremonies and artistic origami creations since the 1990’s in Japan, The House of Robert Timms Drip Filter Pour Over coffee bags celebrates the ritual of brewing the perfect cup in a new, innovative way.

The pour over method is an evolution in coffee brewing. The single-cup brewing method ensures that with each pour of hot water embracing the coffee grounds, your guests can experience the wonderful theatre and excitement in crafting their very own quality coffee.

Made from 100% Arabica ground coffee, each perfectly pre-portioned quality serve of The House of Robert Timms Signature Series Drip Filter Pour Over coffee results in consistency in every cup. Discover the indulgent variants including Highlands, Java Gold and Ethiopia. Each delivers the right balance of delicate flavours, filling every cup with the golden aromatic coffee.

They’re individually sealed for freshness and very portable. It is a no-mess, no-fuss, hygienic solution for the hotel and hospitality industry. Your guests can rejoice in the easy to use drip filter pour over preparation wherever they are. Just tear the coffee filter, hook it to the cup shape, pour slowly and enjoy.

Proudly blended and roasted in Australia, the new premium pour over range is synonymous with The House of Robert Timms philosophy to deliver everyday luxury coffee without having to compromise on quality and consistency. The perfect cup ‘From Our House To Yours’.

For all enquiries on The House of Robert Timms range of roast and ground and soluble coffee, contact FreshFood Services customer service team on 1800 888 996 or