Expr3ss! Predictive Hiring Technology with Smart Shortlist pinpoints the 5 Top “Diamond” applicants best suited to any role.  Speeds time-to-hire and eliminates the recruitment guesswork.  Stops the wastage in costs and advertising while it helps build a Talent Pool of applicants with the skills, attitudes and “Fit To” the role, team and company for the future.  Expr3ss! is the only product that automates staff selection, all in one easy-to-use intuitive platform.

“By using this system, LUXXE is in a position to allow our Area and Operations Managers to spend more time servicing our customers.  As a result of streamlined, consistent speedier processes, reduced staff turnover, better retention and selection of employees who fit better with our organisational and service expectations” says Nadine Coughlin who heads up the People & Culture team at LUXXE Outsourced Hotel Services.

If you are interested in exploring how LUXXE can assist your hotels housekeeping requirements please contact craigc@luxxe.com.au