With the popularity of Lifestyle hotels interiors taking off in Australia and across the world, dynamic use of traditional materials is being reimagined once again.

At the recently opened, award winning Ovolo South Yarra project, the hotel furniture by Ramler incorporates woven rattan, exposed polished hardwood timbers and textured fabrics.

The result is a warm feeling of luxurious bespoke dynamic spaces, where the guest is immersed in a sense of vibrancy and nature.

Use of exposed timbers and woven rattan have been in use across the years, indeed centuries.

Whether it be Balinese inspired, the great Colonial hotels of India and the Far East or from the traditions of Parisian café design, the use of natural fibre in furniture manufacture has been long developed and enjoyed in hospitality environments.

See here a number of the new products Ramler is making to supply for the Hotel market.

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