After seven years of development, futuristic tech firm Dyson has launched a reimagined take on hair styling with its new Dyson Corrale™ straightener.

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener  was engineered as part of a £100 million investment in hair science laboratories and experts globally including over 600 hours of human trials from 800 participants across five countries. Drawing on the expertise of hundreds of hair scientists, engineers and professionals, the exciting new cordless device from Dyson utilises patented flexing plates which put less reliance on heat, minimising damage to hair through flexing and adapting to the hair contours, which also reduces frizz and ‘flyaways’.

Suitable for all hair types, this unique styling tool also features Dyson’s Intelligent Heat Control for precise temperatures, together with 4-cell lithium-ion battery technology to deliver cord-free performance, allowing users to achieve outstanding style anywhere at any time – quicker.

Dyson has been researching the science of straightening for almost a decade. Through the work of expert teams, detailed studies have uncovered everything from the structure of hair to airflow dynamics whilst understanding thermal, mechanical and chemical damage – and the subsequent effects on hair health.


To straighten hair, a combination of heat, tension and control is required – heat to break the hydrogen bonds in the hair, tension and compression to reshape these bonds and control to apply the heat and tension evenly.

Dyson’s testing highlights that only solid plate straighteners can only apply heat and tension to the thickest part of the tress and this means that towards the edges, of the tress there are loose strands not being which are not treated or tensioned. These become ‘flyaways’ and are only brought into the tress through repeated passes, by which time excessive heat has been applied to the tress, which causes a reduction in hair strength, gloss and colour.

Key to the Dyson Corrale™ straightener is a complex manganese copper alloy plate, featuring a carefully balanced amalgamation of six metals to provide the optimum flexibility, strength and thermal conduction. Each plate is precision machined to 65 microns – the width of a human hair – and tourmaline-edged to produce ionising properties that help reduce static.

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener has three heat settings – 165°C, 185°C and 210°C, which allow the user to tailor the settings to suit their hair type and desired style. This adaptability, combined with the increased control provided by the flexing plates, allows users to style at lower temperatures without compromising on the results.

Dyson hair scientists found that although temperature settings are present across the majority of conventional straighteners, the real time temperature being delivered from the plates can fluctuate significantly as the elements within the straightener respond to the power source.

“Since we first started developing the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, we have continued to explore the science of style, seeking to understand what makes hair smooth, shiny and glossy, and what makes it dull, damaged and lifeless,” said Dyson Founder and Chief Engineer, James Dyson.

“We have been worried about the style results and heat damage from flat plate straighteners. Flat hair irons apply tension and heat only on the thickest part of the hair tress, the strands at the edges are not clamped, leaving them slack, unheated and leaving flyaways. It requires multiple passes on the same section of hair tress to give an even look, by which time excess heat may have caused reduced strength and less gloss.”

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener black nickel/fuchsia and purple/black are now available in Australia and New Zealand

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