Guests and delegates can enjoy a new range of wellness exercises at Hyatt’s Australian hotels.

Hyatt Hotels Australia has signed a new corporate partnership with Skye Lifestyle in an effort to revamp its range of wellness experiences for corporate and leisure guests.

Responding to guests’ demands for a greater focus on improving guest wellbeing and in line with a recent recruitment of a Global Head of Wellbeing, the new Skye partnership will see a completely new program of activities and experiences rolled out to ensure business guests can balance their workload with a healthy range of mindfulness techniques and exercises.

Activities on offer to guests and conference guests will include yoga and chair yoga, meditation and fitness sessions including Zumba, Pilates and boxing. The new program expands on the company’s 2014 commitment to care for people through sustainable health under which it has revamped its menus to include more grass-fed meats, sustainable seafood, organic fruits and vegetables. Guests are also offered refreshments on arrival, specialised in-room amenities and restaurant menus expanded to include a greater range of healthy and nutritious options.

Skye Lifestyle is a corporate wellness company founded in 2009 by Skye Griffiths, who spent over a decade working in the hotels sector and now tailors wellness programs to businesses eager to provide options to employees and guests to boost their physical and mental wellbeing.

“At Hyatt Hotels in Australia, it is our purpose to partner with event planners on achieving the best and most successful outcomes at every event. As the needs of travellers evolve it has become evident that when wellness activities are included into conference programs, delegates are more alert, retain more and are more likely to attend future conferences as they felt more engaged during the program,” the company said.