Now more than ever, hotel owners are looking for ways to make quality improvements and upgrades to properties. Foxtel Business iQ transforms the televisions already present in hotels into a smart guest engagement tool. Following on from 5 ways to use in-room televisions to improve guest experience, here are another five ideas to help you get the most of the TVs in your hotel and help improve the experience for your guests.

Use screens in common areas to promote the hotel’s services and facilities

Business iQ can turn a screen in the lobby area, elevator, restaurant, or conference room into digital signage. With the ability to schedule multiple screen displays all from a centralised management portal, hoteliers can ensure the most relevant message is being shown on the screens. They can be used to promote the hotel’s amenities, display the restaurant or in-room dining menus, provide information about events happening in the property and advertise special offers and promotions.

Insert advertising banners that will display on screen

Foxtel create monthly advertising bannersthat are automatically added to the platform highlighting the latest movies and shows that are available for the guest to watch. These adverts display when a guest is changing the channel and can be customised and scheduled in the management portal, meaning they could be used to promote food and beverage offers, events happening at the property or other services onsite.

Enable guests to connect to your Wi-Fi quickly and seamlessly

With the Wi-Fi Fastconnect feature, guests now have even quicker access to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. All they have to do is scan the QR code on the TV in their room, and their device will automatically connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. The hotel could even set this as the home screen so it’s on the TV ready for when the guest checks into the room.

Send on-screen messages to guests

Whether it’s a welcome greeting for guests when they first walk into their room or promoting an offer to rebook during their stay, the Business iQ enables hoteliers to send messages directly to individual guests or a group of guests. With the ability to automate messages, it’s a quick and efficient way to maintain the lines of communication with guests and provide a great customer experience.

Obtain guest feedback via the screen

Business iQ enables hoteliers to set up guest surveys on the TV. Setting up a simple questionnaire asking if the guest would stay again or whether they’d recommend the property to a friend means the hotel can obtain helpful information they can use to improve their property and services.

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