There are many ways that hoteliers can enhance their guests’ stay and, in the last few years particularly, there’s been a focus on how hoteliers can do this while creating efficiencies. The great news is that there’s already something that most hoteliers have in their rooms that they can utilise to help improve their guests’ experience: the trusty television. Foxtel, with the Business iQ, have transformed the TV into more than just an entertainment platform. Here’s five ways the Business iQ can create a more memorable experience for guests.

  • Add a promotional video to play when the TV is switched on

Foxtel’s Business iQ enables hoteliers to add their welcome video or any other promotional video to the platform. This can then be set to play automatically as soon as the TV is switched on.

“We are now also able to include our official hotel video to be playing seamlessly through the system.” – Sofitel Adelaide General Manager, Rachael Hardman.

  • Provide guests with options for how they watch content

When people stay at a hotel, they expect to be able to access the same high standard of entertainment that they can at home. This includes having access to a full range of channels as well as the ability to watch on demand content or stream their own apps. Foxtel’s Business iQ allows guests to do all three. They can choose to watch live television from a selection of Foxtel’s 90+ channels of live sport, entertainment, movies, and documentaries. Or they can choose to watch over 20,000 hours of On Demand movies and TV shows. Alternatively, should they wish to watch their own streaming apps, they can cast them using the Business iQ’s in-built casting solution.

“I’ve always supported having a broad offering of channels in our rooms. There’s something for every taste there, along with the on-demand shows and movies, and our guests can use the casting as well if they want. The Business iQ took guest entertainment to another level and is much more like what they have at home.” – Quest Portland Franchisee, Vincent Bellerose.

  • Add the hotel compendium to the TV

Systems, such as the Business iQ, enable the hotel room TV to evolve into more of a ‘portal’ with guests able to view information on hotel services such as restaurants and spa facilities as well as local events and attractions. And a digital concierge available via the screen can mean fewer calls to reception, freeing them up to carry out their other duties.

“By showcasing our compendiums, local offerings, and services through the platform, it works as our go to information vault.” – Quest Wagga Wagga Franchisee, Ben O’Sullivan.

  • Link guests directly to the hotel’s online assets

People are used to making restaurant reservations, spa bookings and hotel reservations online. So it should be no different when they stay in a hotel and are looking to book any of the hotel’s amenities. With the Business iQ, hoteliers can add a QR code into the digital compendium artwork enabling guests to be directly linked to the hotel’s online booking facilities or rewards program application.

“By loading artwork, including a QR code via the hotel information tabs, we can now almost link any information between the entertainment system and our guests. From links to our website, to video content to our social media channels.” – Radisson Blu Sydney General Manager, Peter Tudehope.

  • Enable guests to checkout via the TV

Contactless experiences such as express checkout via the TV can enhance the guest experience. It saves the guest time while also freeing up hotel staff from the admin task of checking out a guest so they can attend to other responsibilities.

“The communication and connection capabilities that Foxtel Business iQ offers, enables guests to have a much more streamlined experience from arrival to the express checkout function.” – Mercure Melbourne Doncaster General Manager, Glen Erickson.

These are just some of the ways hoteliers can use the TVs in their rooms to enhance their guests’ stay. For a demo of all the features of the Business iQ, please call 1300 792 883 or visit