Discover the epitome of luxury and sustainability with Interior Images’ Biodegradable Slippers Collection. Crafted from 100% natural materials and featuring various styles, these eco-friendly slippers redefine indulgence while caring for the planet.

In a world where luxury meets environmental consciousness, Interior Images continues to impress. As advocates for both opulence and eco-friendliness, Interior Images has curated a Biodegradable Slippers Collection that pampers the feet and nurtures the planet.

With a selection of non-branded options in a variety of colours available for immediate delivery, Interior Images also offers the opportunity for custom design solutions to tie in with your hotel’s branding and style – creating a fully immersive brand experience for your guests.

Whether non-branded or customised, each pair of eco-friendly slippers is meticulously crafted from 100% natural materials. Every component is thoughtfully chosen to minimise environmental impact without compromising on luxury.

BIO ROYAL SLIPPER – SUGARCANE SOLE Indulge in royal luxury with our Bio Royal Slipper featuring a sugarcane sole. Available in both Royal Brown and Royal Beige.

BIO STRAW SLIPPER – WHEAT STRAW SOLE Crafted with a 100% wheat straw sole, the blend of jute fibre and wood fibre surface fabric, along with raw cotton sheet inner fabric, gives a plush feel without compromising on sustainability.

BIO CHARCOAL SLIPPER – WHEAT STRAW SOLE Wrap your feet in warmth with our Bio Charcoal Slipper. Featuring a wheat straw sole, wool fabric, and bamboo charcoal fabric, these slippers are both comfortable and eco-friendly.

BIO SLIPPER – COTTON SOLE Step into sustainability with our Bio Slipper boasting a cotton sole. Compostable, plant-based, and free from plastic packaging.

BIO SLIPPER – CORK SOLE Experience the natural comfort of cork with our Bio Slipper featuring a cork sole. Completely compostable, plant-based, and packaged without plastic.

Interior Images’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond the materials used in their slippers. With a steadfast resolve to reduce waste, the collection boasts 0% individual plastic packaging, ensuring that every step towards comfort is also a step towards a greener future.

As we face the challenge of shaping a sustainable future, we know that every choice matters. Step up into an eco-friendly slipper option without compromising on comfort, luxury, or style with the new Biodegradable Slippers Collection by Interior Images.

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