Overall Care Solutions, an outsourced housekeeping provider, ensures exceptional cleanliness and guest satisfaction in hotels. With a focus on excellence, we elevate cleanliness standards for memorable guest experiences.

Overall Care Solutions, founded in 2018 by Namik Kaya and Emmanuel Markho, is leading the change in hotel housekeeping across Australia. With a deep understanding of the hospitality industry’s dynamics, we specialize in outsourced cleanliness, offering tailor-made services that cater to the unique needs of each hotel. From detailed daily room cleaning to comprehensive linen management, our approach covers every aspect of hotel cleanliness, including the upkeep of public areas and guest services, ensuring a spotless environment for every guest.

Understanding the variable demands of the hotel industry, OCS introduced a ‘top-up’ plan, designed to provide hotels with additional housekeeping support whenever needed. This plan ensures flexibility and maintains impeccable cleanliness standards, even during peak times or staff shortages. It’s this adaptability and commitment to excellence that set OCS apart.

“Our goal is to ensure every hotel tells its story in the cleanest, most welcoming way possible,” says Namik Kaya, co-founder of OCS. At the heart of OCS are our core values: respect, integrity, and safety. These principles drive our mission to create inviting and safe environments for hotel guests. Our team of experienced professionals in operations and human resources is dedicated to constant improvement and staying informed about industry advancements. This dedication means OCS is more than just a provider; we are a partner focused on boosting your hotel’s reputation and guest satisfaction.

By partnering with OCS, hotels entrust their cleanliness and guest experience to experts passionate about raising the bar in hotel housekeeping. The OCS team’s expertise, combined with a proactive approach to innovation and problem-solving, ensures that each client receives a tailored, high-quality service that meets their specific needs. This dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is why OCS stands as a leader in the industry, promising more than just cleanliness but a superior guest experience that contributes to a hotel’s success and reputation.

For more information, visit: https://www.overallcare.com.au/