Weatherdon introduces Ecofill, a refillable cosmetics dispenser that is Eco-friendly, easy to use and hygienic. Our patented dispenser design significantly reduces plastic waste, offering a sustainable solution for hotel amenities.

The hotel industry has moved away from small hotel amenity bottles in a justified push towards sustainability. In guest bathrooms, larger pump bottles are now the accepted norm. Ecofill dispensers aren’t discarded after every use. As the pouches are sealed, there is no risk of contamination as it eliminates the need for bulk refilling. Each pouch is stamped for traceability.

The dispenser is made up of two major parts – the upper section and a base, which are screwed together while the Ecofill pouch is placed inside the dispenser. The product is extracted from the bag using the dispenser pump.  A few seconds are all that is needed to change the pouch. The visibility window makes product management a breeze. The dispenser can be mounted to the wall by two screws or double-sided tape for a neat look.

The Ecofill dispenser is made from either recycled plastic with a translucent finish or recyclable transparent polycarbonate. The dispenser’s 400 ml sealed pouches use only 8 g of recyclable plastic. With each 400 ml pouch using 33 times less plastic than traditional bottles, it prevents 264 g of plastic waste during a 40-day period. Moreover, 98% of Ecofill’s pouch content is usable, getting you closer to that last drop.

Weatherdon, as a distributor, is committed to reducing plastic consumption in hotel amenities, anticipating a significant impact on the industry’s plastic and waste reduction. The 400 ml recyclable pouches mark a step towards a more sustainable future for hotel amenities.

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