GM Brand & ESG Anthea Dimitrakopoulos, Executive Manager Education and Research at WGEA Penelope Cottrill and Ascott Australia MD David Mansfield

Ascott Australia has been recognised for its efforts on gender equality at the Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards 2023, in a year that the company reached 55% female representation at the management level.

Ascott was commended for its commitment to fostering gender equity throughout its workforce through a range of progressive practices and policies.

Assessment was based on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) standards and the specific actions organisations are taking to demonstrate a commitment to gender equity.

“At Ascott we understand progress on gender equity requires action to nurture equality in the workplace, and I’m proud of the progress we continue to make and this recognition for the changes we’ve made,” said Ascott Australia GM Brand and ESG, Anthea Dimitrakopoulos, who accepted the award for the Medium Business category.

We continue to walk the talk and stand up to ensure equity in our teams, events and businesses. Here at Ascott Australia we have not just created a more inclusive and diverse workplace, but also set the benchmark we hope other organizations will strive to emulate.”

Earlier this year, Ascott Australia launched a parental leave policy offering 24 weeks and paid superannuation to support primary care givers to bond with their newborns.

Ascott says providing paid superannuation throughout parental leave protects vulnerable populations from homelessness in their later years – women over the age of 50 are now the fastest growing cohort to experience homelessness in Australia, according to the latest census figures.

Also in 2023, Ascott’s Gender Equity Working Group established a Paid Menopausal and Menstrual Leave policy to acknowledge the impact debilitating symptoms can have on women’s careers.

Ascott Australia also initiated training and mentorship programs to develop and grow the leadership skills of women within the organisation and the company’s Diverse Committee and Equal Representation Panel Pledge ensures equal representation across committees and conference panels, contributing to nuanced and balanced discussions.

“We’ve been pleased to see the growing gender diversity of the corporate travellers we welcome to our properties over our last 35 years of operation,” said Ascott Australia Managing Director, David Mansfield.

“Ascott has taken and will continue to take tangible action to ensure our workplace truly reflects the communities we operate in across the country.”