Now you can bottle your own water for guest rooms and events using extensions to the MODA still & sparkling water system.

The guys revolutionising the sparkling water game are at it again. MODA have come up with a neat way to extend their on-tap system to enable you to now bottle your own water on site.

The addition of automated dispensers, capping machines, crates and cleaning equipment can deliver a complete bottle of water to replace plastic water bottles in guest rooms.

Gaurav Wattal, GM at Marriott Melbourne, has had the system successfully operating at the hotel for some time: “MODA has helped us achieve an important part of our sustainability agenda by removing plastic water bottles from rooms and events; a bottling system that is cost-effective, high quality and easy to use.”

MODA GM Andrew Campion puts it this way: “A first for sustainability, these additions allow you to seamlessly replace plastic bottles with a ‘circular system’ that’s good for business and good for the planet. The system can also provide sparkling water for minibars, water for events and options for outlets.”

Meanwhile uptake of MODA Still & Sparkling taps is at an all-time high. In restaurants, cafes, public areas and function spaces, these combine with your choice of glassware – and now hotel branded stainless steel reusable bottles for grab ‘n’ go.

These gorgeous Italian systems are equally profitable and sustainable, with a range of operational efficiencies. Reach out to the team at MODA for a copy of their new 30-page ebook ‘How To Double Your Profit Margins with Sparkling Water On Tap’.