Pace is paramount in the ever-evolving hospitality technology landscape, and 2023 has seen FutureLog chart impressive progress, as evidenced by a flurry of product developments and launches that underline its commitment to continually enhancing and innovating the procure-to-pay journey.

Elevating the User Experience

In its unwavering commitment to customer-centric innovation, FutureLog has dedicated much of 2023 to enhancing the user experience (UX) across its web and native mobile apps, creating procure-to-pay interactions that are not only seamless but increasingly user-friendly and intuitive. The Goods Receiving process is just one example, benefitting from compact new structures to maximise its digital real-estate, plus sticky table headings and keyboard shortcuts to boost speed and efficiency.

Unlocking Data with Business Intelligence

With the launch of its Business Intelligence (BI) functionality, FutureLog’s empowerment of the hospitality industry to make data-driven decisions continues. By eliminating siloes and consolidating a rich pool of procure-to-pay data in one place, customers are equipped with actionable insights, trend analyses, visualisations and in-depth analytics to help them shape and refine their strategies.

Connected Tech Stack

Notable additions to FutureLog’s growing list of ERP and POS integrations in 2023 were MYOB and XERO API connectivity, fortifying the platform’s global capacity while ensuring its alignment with region-specific demands.

End-to-end Contract Management

One of the cornerstones of streamlined hospitality operations is an efficient contract management solution, and our new digital archive ensures exactly that. Easy access, backed by robust search capabilities and automated in-app expiration notifications helps customers to stay audit-compliant while maintaining control over crucial contracts, licenses, certificates and documents.

Recipe Management

The culinary operations of our customers were also elevated in 2023 with the launch of our all-encompassing recipe management solution, enabling them to easily create, organise, and update recipes and menus, while enjoying direct POS integration for automated stock depletion. Hotels and outlets within groups can share recipes effortlessly, all with detailed nutritional and allergen information, while comprehensive cost analyses, real-time menu engineering and sales mix reports are just some of the many insights available in our BI tool.

Accessibility, Flexibility and Versatility

We understand the importance of being able to work offline, remotely or while on the go, which is why we’ve designed our P2P software to prioritise adaptability. Regardless of the device used, customers enjoy access a comprehensive suite of powerful, market-leading solutions, seamlessly synchronised on their laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Our 2024 Development Roadmap

Continuous, agile development and a passion for innovation are two of the driving forces behind our ambitious 2024 development roadmap. Though the end of 2023 is now in sight, the development momentum continues at high speed, paving the way for another exciting and dynamic year ahead, brimming with cutting-edge innovation. Stay tuned!

Unrivalled Pace and Vision

In addition to unparalleled speed, ambition and a future-oriented vision, our dedicated in-house team of frontend and backend developers, UX experts and mobile app specialists is what sets FutureLog apart as a leading SaaS provider of creative, flexible P2P solutions.

The hospitality and gastronomy industries can ill afford to be held back by outdated, limited procure-to-pay solutions. FutureLog customers remain at the forefront of innovation, empowered to grow, boost efficiency and reduce their costs. Contact Benjamin Krieg, Area Vice President Strategic Accounts Asia Pacific, today to join them.