Partnering with Hunter Amenities, endota has now launched their Signature Hand and Body Duo along with a new Shampoo and Conditioner. The amenities range contains naturally derived ingredients, scented with 100% pure essential oils and enriched with the signature endota scent.

Featuring Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry, rich in amino acids and polyphenols, the formula will protect and nourish the skin and hair. Hotel guests will feel cleansed, nurtured and hydrated as the naturally-sourced ingredients work their magic.

endota’s commitment to natural skin and body products will offer the travel industry a cleaner alternative that is kinder to the earth. Guests can feel confident that the products they are using will work in harmony with their body and the environment.

Endota CEO and Founder Melanie Gleeson recently spoke to HM Magazine about the partnership and an extract of the chat is included below:

Melanie, you’ve been a pioneer in the Spa and Wellness industry, why did you make the decision to expand into the hotel landscape?

Melanie: I believe that spa experiences and the opportunity to experience wellbeing should always be accessible, whether in our spas or on an overnight stay. By entering the hotel landscape, endota is bringing the spa experience into a new environment and offering guests the opportunity to prioritise their wellbeing while they travel. Our hotel amenity range will enhance any hotel stay, transforming a hotel room into a sanctuary of calm and promoting moments of relaxation and mindfulness.

Why have you chosen to use pure essential oils in your formula? Are there any additional benefits for guests?

Melanie: Infused with the signature endota scent, the hotel amenity range will bring the spa experience into every hotel room and encourage guests to unwind, reflect and rejuvenate.

Guests will experience the calming and stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy through our 100% pure essential oil signature scent. Aromatherapy is a time-tested practice that uses the aromas of essential oils to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing. Think stress relief, relaxation and grounding – all experienced while cleansing and hydrating your hair and body.

What has the process with the product development and range expansion been?

Melanie: Since our inception, we have always championed wellbeing and encouraged our community to care for their mind, body and skin. We plan to continue our growing skincare ranges, wellness tools and hotel offerings. Entering the hotel landscape is a natural evolution that stems from our integral ethos of helping people feel better and integrating wellbeing practices into their daily lives. We recognise the benefit in self-care rituals, not only at home, but whilst traveling too.

What’s next for endota?

Melanie: We will continue to nurture these self-care rituals with the endota Retreat. An immersive wellbeing experience delivered online, perfect for those traveling. endota Retreat offers a variety of wellness practices such as meditation, sound bowl healings, yoga and pilates, as well as over 100 nourishing recipes and tools to support mental wellbeing. endota Retreat was designed to help build sustainable self-care micro rituals that nourish, nurture and grow your mind, body and self. We would love to see our endota Retreat offering extended to the hotel room. You can read more about the endota retreat on our website

To request free samples of the endota hotel amenities range, please contact Ashleigh Dowd from Hunter Amenities on 0429 027 131 or through our website link here.