When it comes to the accommodation sector, it’s imperative to secure the best possible first impression. Upholding high hygiene standards, with as little disruption to guests as possible, is a must — and that’s where Comac comes in. 

Meet the Comac Vispa 35B

Comac’s Vispa 35B is one of the smallest scrubbers on the market, perfect for accessing those tight corners and smaller rooms like bathrooms or luggage stores, right up to the wall. A battery powered scrubber, the 35B cleans without the need for a power cable, removing a potential tripping hazard for your guests and freeing you up to clean without need for a power point.

With the 35B, floors are scrubbed, dried, and sanitised in a single passage — ensuring they’re immediately safe to walk on. Suitable for cleaning floors up to 1000 sqm the Vispa 35B offers a more hygienic and efficient cleaning when compared to a mop and bucket.

And with intelligent features like the Stop&Go function, cleaning is even more efficient. When the machine is temporarily idle, the solution flow is interrupted and the brushes are halted to optimise consumption, reduce waste, and avoid water and solution continuously flowing onto the same spot, which can create a safety hazard for your guests.

The Vispa XL and Antea 50

For customers wanting something more suited to larger spaces, the Vispa XL offers the same great benefits as the 35B, but in a larger model — suitable for maintenance cleaning of floors up to 1600 sqm.

And for customers wanting even more power, the Antea 50 is ideal. With its intuitive and close control, the Antea 50 can still comfortably operate in small spaces, with the same great features and benefits as the Vispa range but is also capable of both maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq.m.

Importantly, these larger models are still great for quiet cleaning. Both include an excellent eco mode, which reduces energy consumption and noise output, so you can quietly clean at a time that suits you — without disturbing guests.