The world is waking up to Premium Sleep.

Experience the deepest, most restful and rejuvenating sleep of your life on an A.H. Beard bed. Handcrafted in Australia since 1899.

Across the world, individuals and organisations are beginning to realise the importance of great quality sleep as a pillar of health and wellbeing.   It’s been a passion of ours since 1899.   Seeking out Australia’s softest and most breathable fabrics and fibres. Finding new ways to improve spinal support. Developing sleep measurement technologies. Launching the A.H. Beard Sleep Wellness Centre to help people who want to improve their lives through better sleep.   A.H. Beard beds feature the six essentials for premium sleep. A quality of sleep that creates a foundation for wellness in your life.   As a family, it’s our calling. And as a craft we’ve elevated it to its highest form. We call it Premium Sleep. A combination of craftsmanship, technology, and an inherent talent for creating the deepest, most restful and rejuvenating sleep on earth.   Rise and outshine. Discover Premium Sleep with A.H. Beard.

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