1834 Hotels, a leading white label hospitality management brand, has recently launched a digital compendium system in all its hotels, powered by the Digital Hotel brand system. This innovative move aims to revolutionize the guest experience by seamlessly integrating technology into the hotel room environment.

The digital compendium brings benefits for guests and hoteliers alike. It offers convenience and accessibility, allowing guests to access comprehensive information about the hotel, its amenities, services, and local attractions from their rooms. They can browse menus, book local tours, make dinner reservations and more.

The real-time information feature ensures guests stay updated with the latest promotions and changes in services, providing a personalised experience. Moreover, the digital compendium is an eco-friendly solution, reducing the need for printed materials and promoting sustainability.

1834 Hotels plans to introduce mobile room keys as the next phase of its digital transformation. By leveraging guests’ smartphones, physical key cards will be eliminated, offering a secure way to access rooms. This advancement enhances convenience and streamlines the check-in process.

Stage 2 involves integrating room access with mobile wallet platforms like Apple Wallet. Guests can store their digital room keys within their Apple Wallet, enabling seamless and intuitive room unlocking. By simplifying the access process, guests enjoy a more streamlined experience.

1834 Hotels is a renowned hospitality brand known for exceptional service and innovative experiences. With digital compendiums and future plans for mobile room keys and integration with Apple Wallet, 1834 Hotels aims to set the benchmark for technological advancements, ensuring memorable and hassle-free stays.

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For information on the digital compendiums – visit www.digitalhotel.com.au