Hotel restaurants are discovering new culinary possibilities thanks to blast chilling. The Tecnomac CT10-.35 Chill Touch Range can increase your productivity, efficiency, and food safety.

Blast chillers are no longer an optional extra in hotel kitchens. With the pressures of rising costs and the lack of skilled labour, the Tecnomac CT10.35 Chill Touch Range is making life easier.

Blast chilling reduces the time spent in the temperature dangerzone, where bacteria can breed. That means food stays fresh for longer. The Tecnomac can chill a product from 95°C down to 3°C in only 90 minutes. The shock freezer function takes four hours to freeze food from 95°C to -18°C. Chilling this fast retains nutrients, texture, and taste.

With gastronomy, pastry, low temperature cooking and retarder proving functions, you can extend your menu offerings in a small footprint. Add out of season produce without the out of season cost. Simply blast freeze your ingredient and use whenever you like.

With the ice cream, thawing and conservation functions, you can experiment with menu items thought unattainable until now.

The easy 7inch touch screen is simple for all staff, regardless of their skill level. Icons guide you through each cycle. Chefs can choose from existing programs or create their own to maintain consistency. Essential HACCP data can also be downloaded onto USB to ensure food safety.

The Tecnomac is available in a range of sizes to suit your venue.

Comcater can help you choose the right blast chiller for your venue. They can even help with programming your menu items.

To find out more, contact Comcater’s dedicated Hotel Team and reference HMCC22

email: or contact National Hotel Manager, Michael Hyde phone: 0419 551 753