VANITY GROUP, industry experts in guest cosmetics and products, launches its Floating Non Refillable dispenser solution – the newest fashion-forward, ultra hygienic floating display for hotel bathrooms across the globe. 

Renowned as being hospitality’s house of beauty, VANITY GROUP’s Floating Bottles are their latest innovation offering a concealed bracket that is flawlessly secured to the wall displaying chic hair and body care. Designed for Housekeeping to replace with ease, the non-refillable floating solution is tamper proof, super hygienic and avoids the risk of cross contamination, has a discrete fill line, and requires minimal upkeep – saving on operational costs.

With sustainability at its core, the bottles are created using OceanBound Material, made from plastic waste that is at risk of ending up in oceans which is collected and recycled into reusable pellets and manufactured into the packaging.

VANITY GROUP Founder & CEO Paul Tsalikis said:

“We believe innovation and sustainability should harmoniously co-exist. Our Floating Non Refillable Bottles are design-led, guaranteed tamper proof, eco-friendly, and are one of the most hygienic solutions in-market today.

He continued: “Around the globe our hotel partners have shared staff shortages – especially within Housekeeping departments – are causing operational strain. Our Floating Non Refillable Bottles are a solution to this, allowing Housekeeping teams to safely replace empty bottles within a matter of seconds.”

Created for VANITY GROUP’s esteemed portfolio of over 40+ progressive brands including KARL LAGERFELD, Jo Loves by Jo Malone CBE, KEVIN.MURPHY, TEMPLESPA and Carner Barcelona, each luxurious formulation is Vegan Trademarked by The Vegan Society and certified by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Hoteliers looking to provide an elevated hotel experience can do so with VANITY GROUP’s Floating Non Refillable Bottles. For in-room amenities that float above the rest request samples via or  


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