Hotel cafes are upselling easily by promising a delicious meal, quickly. With Menumaster speed ovens, toasted croissants, focaccia’s and quiche be cooked in the time it takes to brew a coffee. And, with minimal staff training.

Research shows that 23 percent of coffee orders in Australia are takeaway. Hotels are capitalising on this by offering a meal to go. Cook an omelette or toastie for the breakfast rush in less than 90 seconds in the Menumaster speed oven.

The Menumaster doesn’t just heat food. It bakes, toasts and crisps up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven. The combination of microwave, forced convection and infrared heat cooks through food while browning.

With Menumaster speed ovens, upselling a snack option is all possible front of house leaving the chefs and kitchen free to service other area of the hotel.

Menumaster speed ovens don’t require a chef on-site or staff training. Once the programs are installed, staff simply scroll through the display of up to 360 menu items and press a button. Programming across multiple venues is easy and consistent, as data is transferred via USB.

It’s also ergonomic. The door opens 90° on a two-point hinge system. Staff can remove food easily without spills. That’s because the door lies completely flat when open. Cleaning also saves staff time and energy. The stainless steel interior is easily wiped clean at the end of service.

Menumaster speed ovens have a small footprint and replace the need for an oven and a microwave. No vent is needed. So you can place the Menumaster in the kitchen or even behind the counter.

Comcater can help you choose the right speed oven for your venue. They can even help with programming your menu items.

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