After over a decade of pioneering guest cosmetics, VANITY GROUP is introducing hotel textiles to its portfolio with Feet Retreat, a collection of modern slippers.

Invite guests to descend into downtime VANITY GROUP’S selection of lightweight slip-ons promising cross-climate, year-round cosiness for an elevated essential offering.

Available in three styles and colourways including:


Made entirely without the use of plastics, Best Foot Forward is biodegradable and made from Flax, Linen and Cotton. The eco-friendly slipper can be thoughtfully discarded, leaving no harmful traces and guaranteed decomposition.


An opulent, androgynous slipper, Smokey Feet-ures has a luxurious look and feel. Lightweight, soft and breathable, the slip on is designed for luxury stays with the discerning guest in mind.


Having the ideal amount of comfort, support and style, this clean-cut white slipper has universal appeal for all types of hotel stays. From minimalistic getaways, to resort style relaxation and opulent overnight stays, Sole Mates is at the forefront of design and relaxation.

Each style is adorned with a customisable band with opportunity for branding personalisation.

VANITY GROUP’s Feet Retreat has been designed for hotel guests to enjoy and take home as a keepsake of their stay.

Synonymous with sophisticated and contemporary designs, step into stylish footwear with VANITY GROUP.

Request Samples via or call +61 2 9557 7644