Accor’s Pullman Hotels is taking a lead on digital art by hosting a travelling NFT art exhibition featuring four Indigenous female artists from Australia and overseas.

Digital E/Scapes by Pullman, which launched at Pullman Sydney Hyde Park Sydney on Thursday November 14, comprises 16 colourful, life-size NFT artworks in total. Four new works will be displayed at each location on LED screens within an interactive lobby exhibit.

All artworks will be on auction during the exhibition with proceeds split between the artist and their chosen charity.

Accor Pacific CEO, Sarah Derry, told HM that Pullman wants to support creatives by helping them bring their art to a wider audience, and at the same time enrich the guest experience.

“Pullman is a forward looking brand and is concerned with creating a playground for artists and investing in emerging talent,” she said.

“We see opportunities to take a lead in this incredible space, which benefits both the art community and our guests.

“Whilst we champion all creatives, this exhibition is focused on female and Indigenous artists. We felt the quality of the talent and artwork deserved to be our first foray into the world of NFT, we are thrilled to be able to provide these talented artists with a platform to share their art with the world.”

Bundaberg-based Indigenous artist, Chern’ee Sutton, showcases her very first NFT as part of the exhibition.

Sutton, who has created artworks for the NRL, AFL, Commonwealth Games in 2018 and 2022, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the Royal Australian Mint, to name a few, told HM that digital art provides an opportunity to share Indigenous art with a global audience.  

“It’s incredibly special that I get to combine my culture, the world’s oldest living culture, and my techniques with this modern technology and create something that’s totally different and unique,” she said.

“Technology is evolving, so we as artists, need to evolve and enhance our skills; that way we can reach a broader audience. It’s a platform for people from all around the world – a very different audience that I wouldn’t normally show my art pieces to, so it’s very, very special to me.”

Chern’ee Sutton

Sutton welcomed Pullman’s support of Indigenous artists and said it’s pleasing to see many other organisations throughout Australia support their Indigenous culture.

“There’s been a huge step towards reconciliation in the last few years, which is amazing to see, and places like Pullman embracing Indigenous culture,” she said.

“I’ve had a permanent exhibition at the Pullman and Mercure King George Square for a few years now, and they always have NAIDOC events and cultural tours as well. It’s really embracing our Indigenous culture, which is absolutely fantastic.

“But it’s not just Pullman. It’s a lot of different organisations and businesses from all around Australia; they’re all taking more steps towards reconciliation and embracing this culture of helping us all to move forward.”

Web3 Agency Mooning Co-Founder, Lisa Teh, has been working with Pullman to develop the exhibition and will provide hotel teams with training to ensure they can discuss the works with guests and exhibition goers.

She described it as ‘a groundbreaking project’.  

“[Pullman is] not only one of the first companies globally to enter the new world of Web3 but have utilised the technology to shine a spotlight on, and support, emerging and Indigenous female artists,” she said.

Internationally renowned US animated artis Melissa Vincent, 2D artist and illustrator Vi Valiukevich, and Melbourne fine artist Candy Ng, are all exhibiting pieces inspired by the concept of travelling as part of the tour.

Vincent told HM that NFTs present many opportunities for the hotel industry beyond art.

“NFTs are much bigger than digital art,” she said.

“The blockchain technology they are stored on is the future of the internet, Web3. This new tech offers many use cases for NFTs in the hotel industry.

“Loyalty programs, bookings, identity verification, brand awareness, and streamlining operations are just a few ways these digital assets will have an impact. We are on the cusp of a technological revolution where the only limit is our imagination.”

Derry said technology will play an important role in the future of hospitality and pointed to opportunities that the metaverse may bring.

“Pullman is investing in technology to improve the guest experience, this will continue, and we will certainly explore opportunities in the metaverse which might shape the future of hospitality,” she said.                 

The exhibition will be held at Pullman Sydney Hyde Park for six weeks starting November 14, 2022 before moving onto Pullman Melbourne Albert Park from January 9, 2023 (4 weeks); Pullman Adelaide from February 13 (4 weeks) and finally Pullman Brisbane King George Square from March 27 (4 weeks).