There’s nothing worse for a guest, after checking in, welcomed by your modern, fresh feel, to find a step into the laundry is like stepping back in time – it can burst your contemporary bubble pretty quickly.

We live in a cashless world, which is what 2022 guests now expect from their laundry.

The majority of laundry equipment is operated by card, but most will now accept all payment types including Apply Pay and Android Pay.

Laundries still using coin or free facilities, stand to gain from future-proofing with cashless options, which bring ease of management and take reporting and accounting totally online and trackable.

View transaction reports securely online, automate settlement reporting, cycle information and every dollar that passes through your machines goes into your account. No more emptying and counting coins!

Its well-known cashless payment equals higher spend in the consumer world. Customers are more comfortable paying without coins, will be happier to do so, and laundry costs can be recouped with more ease and accuracy.

Also on the upside is less vandalism and break-ins, flexibility in pricing and super simple installation.

New machines are self-sufficient and all-inclusive with reader, modem, sim card and mini aerial for reception – everything is built in.

Dependable Laundry Solutions have end-to-end laundry design and fit out to bring your facilities into 2022 and we keep up with current trends, technology and guest demands on client’s behalf.

Dependable Laundry Solutions partners with one of the world’s largest card reader companies to offer fully cashless washers and dryers, and is the sole provider of industry leading brand Maytag Commercial, with unsurpassed warranty.

For more information on cashless products, end-to-end laundry services from design and fit out to supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of your equipment for hotels and resorts, Contact Dependable Laundry Solutions or Call 1800 629 824.