Crystalbrook Collection is extending its sustainability commitment across its 14 restaurants and bars, by providing additional information about the environmental footprint of each of its dishes.

From the first week of April, the hotel company will begin labelling menu items with Climate Calories to help guests make informed decisions when dining.

Icons will be used to show guests whether ingredients are locally sourced, i.e. within a three-hour radius of the restaurant, sustainably grown or caught, or have an Indigenous connection.  

Other icons will show that the chef has used all of the ingredient to reduce any waste, or that the ingredients have been delivered to the restaurant in eco-friendly packaging.

Crystalbrook Collection CEO, Geoff York, said it’s another step in the company’s sustainability journey.

Crystalbrook Byron’s Forest Restaurant

“This is a way our customers can feel empowered that they’re making a good environmental choice while connecting with the location and the community,” York said.

“We’re privileged in Australia to have access to such high-quality sustainable ingredients and our chefs take huge pride in their farmer and producer relationships, and sourcing local, ethical and culturally considered meat and produce.”