With staff availability at a historic low, time-in-motion is everything. The innovative trolleys and carts from Ascolia keep your housekeeping movements to a minimum, so your staff can maximise the time spent looking after guest rooms.  

The stunning range of ergonomic housekeeping trolleys combine ease of use, functionality and aesthetics. Designed to be discrete, tidy and efficient, Ascolia housekeeping trolleys enhance your guest experience, improve staff satisfaction and are made from durable, light-weight aluminium for effortless manoeuvrability. 

Light as air, fluttering with ease, harmonious and efficient, Ascolia borrows its name from a butterfly that originates from South America.  

Offering an extensive range of trolleys and carts for housekeeping, minibar restocking, luggage handling and laundry handling, they provide a choice of quality finishes to match the style and colour scheme of any property, along with multiple model sizes and storage options. 

With motorisation available on various models, Ascolia has truly taken mobile housekeeping to a whole new level. 

  • Extensive range of housekeeping, minibar restocking, luggage and laundry handling trolleys 
  • Quality finishes and storage options to match your property style and operational needs 
  • Durable, lightweight and customisable to your needs 

Looking for hotel trolleys and cart for your hotel or accommodation operation? Explore the wide Ascolia trolleys and carts range here

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