The River City and surrounding regions will host the 35th Olympiad in 2032.

The selection this week of Brisbane as the host city for the 2032 Olympic Games has been universally welcomed by the hospitality and tourism industries as a stimulant which will inject billions into the state and national economy.

For the first time since Los Angeles in 1984, Brisbane was selected unopposed in the official International Olympic Committee referendum with 72 affirmative, five opposed and three abstained. Other cities which expressed interest in hosting the games but didn’t progress to the final stage included Ahmedabad, Jakarta, Doha, Madrid and the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany.

Sydney is still famously touted today as having hosted the “best Olympic Games ever”.

Brisbane’s selection made the Queensland capital the third Australian city to host the Summer Olympiad, joining Melbourne’s hosting in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

Tourism Accommodation Australia CEO, Michael Johnson, said the announcement has been received as great news for a sector which has been under immense pressure from the impact of COVID-19.

“In 2000, the Sydney Olympics attracted more than six million spectators, and for the hotel and hospitality industry that means capacity bookings, exponential local spend, and an unprecedented opportunity to showcase Brisbane and the surrounding areas of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast,” Johnson said.

Tourism Accommodation Australia National CEO, Michael Johnson.

“Overall, this event will potentially inject billions into the Queensland economy and create thousands of jobs in the lead up to the Games. Brisbane has had a number of new hotels enter the market over the last couple of years and will now see this pipeline growth continue. The economic benefits it brings will be transformative, not just for the host city but for the entire region.”

Tourism and Transport Forum CEO, Margy Osmond, said the announcement would be a huge boost to the recovery of the tourism sector.

“While it may be hard to picture long term goals or achievements beyond the current major challenges in front of us, particularly for those currently in lockdown, this announcement truly is an early gold medal victory for the nation and the busy eleven-year lead up to and then beyond the Games,” Osmond said.