Cooking and bakery classes can be shared by families under Shangri-La's new program.

Holiday experiences for families and activity support for parents staying with their children as in-house guests will be offered by Shangri-La Group under a new operating label at its global network.

Dubbed ‘Fam.ily’, the new brand aims to put forward Shangri-La’s Asian heritage and family culture, while evolving to cater to the modern demands of family holidays by providing “heartfelt hospitality” and helping families to grow and bond together.

The ‘Fam.ily’ brand aims to combine the shortened, slang version for the word ‘family’ with the acronym ‘ILY’ which stands for ‘I love you’. The logo incorporates a heart-shaped knot symbolising strong family ties and the love shared by family members.

Activities around the pool are also available for resorts with such a facility.

Under the ‘Fam.ily’ program, guests can take part in a menu of activities designed to bring families closer together through their children’s play and learning.

Currently, the program is available at Shangri-La properties across mainland China, with plans to expand further in the future. Activity programs can be customised across different properties and include elements such as theatre classes, problem-solving and teamwork exercises and sporting events.

Children of different ages can enjoy activities at properties which include outdoor areas and water parks, while more high adrenalin activities are also available for slightly older children.

Families can stay in specially themed rooms designed to nurture their child’s imagination.

Parents can relax and unwind with a range of hotel services available while their kids are supervised and guided through activities.

Shangri-La Group Chairman, Hui Kuok, said family has always been at the heart of the company’s brand culture.

“With the launch of our new Fam.ily brand, and as we continue to introduce thoughtfully designed family offerings, we hope to deliver the best-loved experiences that will bring families closer together and create precious and lasting memories for our family guests,” she said.

Shangri-La will also engage with leading experts in parenting and child development to help parents grow bonds with their children, while also promoting work-family balance through online chat sessions and dedicated family events.