Today’s guests don’t just prefer access to personalized entertainment and contactless compatible services, they expect it. Half of guests in fact indicate that booking decisions can be made based on a property’s ability to offer seamless access to their own streaming subscriptions, raising the pressure on hoteliers to deliver on the newest in-room entertainment trends.

With BeyondTV and BeyondTV GuestCast, provide your guests with the highest standard in guestroom entertainment flexibility and ease-of-use using technology purpose-built for the needs of the hospitality industry. Compatible with virtually any guestroom television model and Wi-Fi network, both solutions represent an end to complex and costly installations while providing each guest with hassle-free access to their own content. Without ever requiring login details that could result in data theft, BeyondTV and BeyondTV GuestCast allow guests to effortlessly cast content from thousands of mobile-based apps, maximizing confidence while always delivering first-rate satisfaction.

Using BeyondTV, hotels can also go one step further in meeting the latest in-room guest trends by addressing demands for social distancing and reduced shared surface contact. As a fully comprehensive guestroom solution, BeyondTV offers guests the ability to find out hotel information, order room service and much more without leaving the comfort and safety of their guestroom. With BeyondTV’s remote check-out capabilities, guests can further sidestep unnecessary close contact at the front desk with the push of a button.

Continuously adapting according to evolving industry needs, BeyondTV also comes equipped with the all-new contactless myRemote feature. Transforming guest devices into fully interactive virtual remotes, myRemote offers complete control over all BeyondTV and guestroom television functions, providing your guests with the peace-of-mind they seek to always enjoy their hotel stay experience.  

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