Destinations will be able to gauge how travellers feel about them in online reviews.

Destinations eager to entice domestic and international travellers back can now take of a new live data intelligence dashboard from TripAdvisor which gauges consumer sentiment based on online reviews from local businesses including hotels.

The new tool, known as the TripAdvisor Insights Platform, is powered by the Tourism Sentiment Index and aims to offer clients with word-of-mouth indications from travellers to help shape decisions on consumer behaviour and to obtain a wider indication on how travellers feel about a particular destination and the businesses and services within it.

Insights are drawn from more than 50 different tourism touch points including review portals on airlines, hotels, transport providers and attractions, along with real-time conversations across more than half a million different platforms, including TripAdvisor itself.

Daily data intelligence will be provided which can help a destination shape future marketing campaigns.

The tool gauges tone and language to determine overall sentiment and give destinations a grading or score that shows popularity against competing areas. Insights provided are aimed at helping destinations plan and execute media campaigns to boost their recoveries along with new product campaigns and general marketing communications.

The tool also includes a crisis analysis module that tracks emotional reactions by travellers to local services such as healthcare, government and economics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TripAdvisor Group Head of Destination Marketing APAC, Sarah Matthews, said the data will help destinations and the businesses within them to assess traveller feelings toward them, allowing them to plan more targeted promotional campaigns and media placement.

“Being able to put the right message out to the right traveller at the right time will give DMOs an advantage in campaign planning and execution, all with the goal of bringing the world back to travel safely,” she said.

Your guest reviews can help shape a destination’s overall sentiment score.

Tourism Sentiment Index Founder, Rodney Payne, said the organisation’s goal was to help destinations use data-driven insights to guide their recovery strategies.

“Our data intelligence provides DMOs with the ability to drill down to specific conversations and insights taking place at the destination-level – whether a city, region or country,” he said.

“Watching the Tourism Sentiment Index grow into an industry-leading tool has been a remarkable journey, and I truly believe that our data intelligence will help destination marketers find the best way through this pandemic. This collaboration gives me great optimism for the future of tourism, and its integral role in local economies while remaining respectful of the people and planet it affects.”