Book Me Bob a.k.a ‘Bob’, is a New Zealand Hospitality Technology company that has specialised in AI Chatbots for the global hospitality sector.

What makes Book Me Bob different is that it has been created by hoteliers for hoteliers. What makes us the leading AI Chatbot in the hospitality industry is our ability to increase direct bookings & revenue via superior conversational flow, improve staff productivity & welfare and at the same time reduce costs.

Currently we are in eight different countries, with a range of clients from independent hotels & resorts to international franchisee brands. Our knowledge base is continually growing from the fact that our product is now built to service three tiers of the accommodation sectors

  • 1) Holiday homes (a.k.a Airbnb market)
  • 2) holiday parks (a.k.a caravan parks)
  • 3) Hotels & Resorts for all star ratings. Book Me Bob’s AI Chatbot has already responded to over 46,000 questions about hotels and continues to evolve every day.

We are the only AI Chatbot in the world that has its own internal AI booking engine, along with a payment gateway option for the client to connect. Bob works 365 days a year, 24/7 and speaks over 12 different languages. Bob gathers and retains information and knowledge, gathering important insights and data that can be used for future marketing and promotional opportunities.

Book Me Bob ChatBot has many choices for personalisation and matches your brand and the look and feel of your website! Whatever the device: mobile, tablet or computer, Book Me Bob adapts, looks great and delivers results.

Book Me Bob’s major achievement last year was to fully integrate with Facebook Messenger, which enables our AI booking engine to work inside the Facebook environment seamlessly.

Book Me Bob’s validation moment was late 2020 when we were selected and accepted into the ‘Highway to 100 Unicorns’ Emerge X for Start Ups by Microsoft Start-up Division Asia.

We are 1 of 100 companies selected from 16 countries across all industries throughout Asia and the only hospitality tech company in the program. Microsoft thinks we are onto something – you should take advantage of our technology. You wont be disappointed.