While most hotels that remain open after the outbreak of the pandemic are stepping up cleaning routines by removing non-essential items like decorative pillows and magazines, and disinfecting the TV remote controls, others believe the investment in robots is a necessary step to restore the confidence of guests in the longer term.

Already in use in hundreds of hospitals around the world, including Australia, the UVD Robot is the only independently clinically validated autonomous UV disinfection robot globally. The robot disinfects guest rooms before or after the housekeeper has completed the standard cleaning process of each room, as well as decontaminating common spaces such as the lobby, bathrooms, restaurant, and meeting rooms.

Robotic assistance also brings greater flexibility for hotels as they can work more hours than humans with no risk of contracting COVID-19. The fact that a hotel has deployed state-of-the-art, hospital grade disinfection robots to protect guests and staff will send a clear signal that safety is the number one priority.

While these can be a considerable investment, the UVD Robot from Swisstrade is also available under a lease or rental agreement, making it an affordable investment.

“The UV-Disinfection Robot will improve and simplify the way hotels currently disinfect rooms. By letting the robot support the cleaning, they can reduce the number of acquired infections, viruses, infectious diseases and employee sick leave.”
– Peter Weingartner,
Principal, Swisstrade

The UVD Robot

  • A fully autonomous mobile robot emits concentrated UV-C light onto infectious surfaces and the surrounding environment including the air, in guest rooms, common areas and any other critical areas of a hotel supporting the normal cleaning routines.
  • It prevents and reduces the spread of infectious diseases in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure.
  • Safe, reliable, efficient, user friendly and can be operated by hotel cleaning staff, significantly reducing hotel operating costs.

UVD Light Disinfectant Technology

The UVD Robot is the only independently clinically validated autonomous UV disinfection robot globally. It is the only disinfection solution capable of disinfecting such diverse environments, re-locating and positioning itself in a room and any critical area, getting close enough to all objects and surfaces during a disinfection process guaranteeing maximum exposure.

UVC light disinfection technology eliminates any remaining pathogens after manual cleaning processes, such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Mould
  • Spores
  • Antibiotics-resistant superbugs (MRSA)

Contact us today for an introduction to “Storm”, our UV Disinfection Robot, to keep your guests and staff safe in a Covid era.