Weatherdon’s Nero range, with over 80 electrical appliances, is the biggest hospitality product collection in Australia.

This distinctive collection boasts kettles in sixteen styles, thirteen different fridges, both compressor and silent, a range of nine irons, eight hairdryers, seven unique toasters, six clock-radios including the Bluetooth.  Also, there’s five fans, four microwaves and lamps, three vacuum cleaners, two ozone machines and a sandwich press too.

With a history of over 45 years dedicated to refining and defining the needs of an ever-evolving accommodation industry, Weatherdon has developed a deep understanding of the demands unique to the hospitality environment.

When it comes to the bottom line commercial products need to be robust, designed for the space and readily in stock.

The ideal trifecta for appliances that are on display, is streamlined, hygienic and co-ordinated.  To keep appliances neat, a good first step to is to select products that guests will find easy to clean.

Nero appliances are as appealing as they are practical. Detail, quality and confidence are aligned to exceed guest expectations which leads to repeat business.

Consider customising a range to enhance your brand and reputation and invest in products that are exclusive to the hospitality industry.

Weatherdon’s team of designers and manufacturers are also able to specify standards to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector

A family-owned and operated business established in 1975, R.Weatherdon & Co is the preferred supplier to over 1,600 hotels in Australia and New Zealand.