Purify and deodorise the air in guest rooms between check-ins.

The Nero Ozone filter removes surface bacteria, destroys pollen and mould as well as neutralising those strange lingering smells.

Environmentally friendly, leaving no residue or chemicals, Ozone machines can be used in conjunction with conventional air-freshener systems to supercharge their performance by adding fragrance. In addition, there’s a stainless steel pre-filter to remove large particles.

Lightning-fresh Ozone puts the atmosphere in the hotel stratosphere.

Both the 5G and 7G have an adjustable 3-hour timer so you can set and forget while the generator works its magic. The 7G machine has a high/low switch, giving even more control over ozone output.

Packed into a portable, rugged and compact design, the filter is high on power yet low on noise.

The Nero Ozone machine can be programmed to reflect the World Health Organisation’s recommended level for every day fresh-air breathing of 0.05 ppm*.   This level gets rid of most odours and is also the setting required for air sanitisation.

Great news for asthmatics and hay-fever sufferers who appreciate clean living.

Great news for housekeepers who appreciate a quick turnaround.

Great news for hospitality management who appreciate contended clients.

  • Long life ceramic ozone plates
  • Black powder-coated or stainless casing
  • Minimal maintenance

*ppm – parts per million volume air concentration

Weatherdon’s team of designers and manufacturers are also able to specify standards to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector

A family-owned and operated business established in 1975, R.Weatherdon & Co is the preferred supplier to over 1,600 hotels in Australia and New Zealand.