Grown Alchemist is one of several premium amenities brands made in Australia.
Grown Alchemist is one of several premium amenities brands made in Australia.

Let’s not mince words. China’s economy, health system and reputation have all been turned on their head and industries around the world are feeling the impact as the world attempts to get a grip on the global Coronavirus outbreak. It’s a case of things likely to get worse before they get better.

As a result of the upheaval and uncertainty, two major industries in turmoil are the manufacturing and shipping sectors. Nearly every country on earth has either implemented advanced and precise security and health screening protocols or, in Australia’s case, completely closed its borders to any non-citizen or non-resident (with limited exceptions) travelling from or through China.

ASPAR brand bathroom amenities are among those distributed in refillable bottles.

Most amenity products provided in Australian hotel rooms, although frequently marketed and branded as ‘Australian-owned’, ‘Australian-designed’ or ‘Australian-ïnspired’, are still made in China.

Over in China itself, the manufacturing sector is in disarray, with many factories across the country and into Hong Kong and Macau shutting their doors and ordering employees to remain at home. As a result, hotels will soon need to look elsewhere to ensure their stocks don’t dry up and their guests’ access to premium bathroom amenities doesn’t disappear.

The Subtle Energies brand was founded in Sydney in 1993.

Interior Images has avoided the problem through its Australian-made shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps and more. Home-grown brands such as Grown Alchemist, Subtle Energies, Two Good, Serendipity and ASPAR, among others, offer their products to hotels and their guests via Interior Images, avoiding hassles such as shipping, customs, quarantine and the costs associated with international shipping by making and selling their wares within Australian borders from locally-sourced ingredients.

Interior Images Founder, Val Harding, says despite the situation in China, the company has noticed a growing trend towards authenticity as hoteliers are actively seeking out local flavours to surprise and delight their guests.

“Australian-made toiletries are a fast and affordable way to accomplish that – and never has there been a more crucial moment to support Australian-made”.

Serendipity label hand wash and body lotion.

“If a hotel is considering making the change to dispensers for environmental reasons, the current economic scenario creates the perfect opportunity to change to a local product.

“You can obtain high-quality formulations, a carbon-neutral product, a recognisable Australian-made brand – and move away from single-use plastic, whilst realising a significant cost saving over your current 30ml products from China,” Harding added.

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