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Micro-credentials are a game changer for learning in 2020

“Successfully running a hotel in today’s competitive environment requires the very best in leadership capability.  As customers become ever-more discerning, technologies change and service standards evolve, your challenge becomes one of ensuring your leadership team are at the top of their game, readying their teams to deliver outstanding service and innovative experiences to keep guests coming back.”

Associate Professor Justin Pierce,
Director of Innovation, Industry & Employability
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia

Busy hotel managers, as well as those starting out in Hospitality, understand the importance of constant upskilling and ongoing learning, but often don’t have time to do long courses with months of study.

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University Australia now offers an exciting suite of short International Hotel Leadership courses and micro-credentials – mini qualifications – designed so professionals at every level can learn easily, cost effectively and in a manageable timeframe.

Flexible, online learning is an attractive, practical choice for people who also have to juggle the commitments of work and family life. These short courses require less time than a degree or diploma, while still providing cutting-edge, industry-specific skills.

They are designed so that graduates through to executives can customise their learning and focus on those areas that are most important to their career development. Each course is regularly reviewed to ensure it’s both current and future focused.

The On-Demand Short Courses include Leveraging the Power of 21st Century Consumers, Positive Leadership in Action, Creating Effective Teams, and Reflective Practice for Professional Development.

Students can study anywhere, anytime online, and as the On-Demand Short Courses take 1 to 2 hours to complete, they can study a range of courses, to gain real-world insights and build their portfolio of skills. As well, students don’t need to take time off work to fit in their studies and can complete the courses on a budget.

BMIHMS also offers a variety of Accredited Subjects, run online for 120 hours over six weeks. The range of subjects includes Framing Your First 90 Days as a Leader, Creating Innovative Guest Experiences, Championing Organisational Change, and Emerging Markets and Disruption.

These executive online learning options can be taken as standalones or together. Completing the Accredited Subjects can be the first step towards a Post-Graduate Certificate or a full MBA in International Hotel Leadership.

For those people who have a working knowledge of a particular area, but no formal qualifications, BMIHMS’ micro-credentials offer the perfect way to validate their practical experience, giving them the recognition they deserve with a Certificate of Completion.

The benefits of the micro-credentials are as important to employers as they are to staff. HR mangers and Hospitality leaders recognise that these short courses are always up to date, highly focused and designed to meet the needs of the industry today. They know that staff who come with micro-credentials have been trained by experienced professionals, have specific hard and soft skills that are essential to their role, and have a personal commitment to ongoing learning.

Micro-credentials are a dynamic, exciting and highly regarded contribution to training and upskilling in the 21st century.

“The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is an established beacon in our very special industry and is a brand you have grown to trust for developing hotel leaders. Our commitment to the hospitality industry is unparalleled in the Asia Pacific region and our graduates continue to achieve excellence. 

 We have developed these courses with the very best in the industry so that your staff can be inspired by real life leaders, apply real-world concepts to their work, and deliver the best of themselves.” 

Associate Professor Justin Pierce,
Director of Innovation, Industry & Employability
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia

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