SCHF Clinical Care Nurse Elizabeth Bland addresses the HM Awards gala as part of the pledge drive.

More than $40,000 was raised in one night for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation through hundreds of pledges from individuals, hotels and companies present at the 2019 HM Awards, it can be revealed.

With pledge cards at every seat at the event, which drew a crowd of nearly 1,000 people across the accommodation and hospitality industries, donations large and small were received in an effort to fund a year’s salary for a Clinical Nurse Consultant at the Kids Cancer Centre – a critical role which goes a long way to easing the burden on young minds and bodies already going through the worst of circumstances.

While the target wasn’t quite met, the funds raised will go a long way towards the goal and to continuing the fine work that the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation undertakes on a daily basis.

At the HM Awards, the crowd was addressed by Elizabeth Bland – the current Clinical Nurse – who told of the struggles faced not just by the children but also their families. She regaled a story about one of her patients whose diagnosis shattered the whole family but who fought through multiple surgeries and painful treatment to enter remission and eventually be given the green light and the all-clear that the cancer was gone.

Bland’s role involves providing a guided journey for all parties involved in the diagnosis, care, treatment and rehabilitation of each child’s care. This includes communicating with all specialist teams involved, preparing children and their families for the treatment plan, updating the child’s school and coordinating education support for time missed and so much more.

HM Magazine would like to thank all those who pledged a donation through both the silent auction of prizes available on the night and through the individual pledge cards. Every dollar makes a difference.