Student intakes for Trimester two has begun for the brand-new tourism industry qualification focused on hotel revenue management. Feedback from existing students has been overwhelmingly positive for this innovative course focused on a critical and specialised skill set that is in demand.

Developed in partnership with the Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA) and Torrens University Australia, the fully recognised qualification will be delivered 100% online and is aimed at industry professionals at all levels of experience eager to develop their skills in the important discipline of revenue management.

The course also includes electives such as dynamic leadership, financial management, project management and system thinking in addition to the core revenue management subjects to develop senior executive skills. Graduates receive a Certificate of Revenue Management (GCRM), which is recognised above an undergraduate-level qualification and which can be credited towards a Masters degree, including a variety of other courses.

Melissa Kalan, Founding Director of ARMA said, “businesses will uncover additional profit opportunities if they invest in training and enrol staff to undertake the course. The GCRM will teach them essential skills and strategies in the discipline of revenue management – benefiting both the individual and the organisations they work for. The flexible nature of the course and short study commitment options are ideal for working professionals.”

For Australia-based students, others eligible and for employers of staff undertaking the course, the federal government’s FEE HELP program is available to subsidise study costs.

Torrens University Australia General Manager Hospitality, Jerome Casteigt said, “the institute was proud to partner with ARMA and was looking forward to delivering the course to a new generation of hospitality professionals.

“Our main objective at Torrens is to design and teach courses that will take graduates further in the modern workplace, arming them with industry-recognised skills with a global edge. “The industry is growing at a rapid pace, and expertise in revenue management demands highly qualified and specialised individuals who can make a difference.”  LEARN MORE