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Frasers Hospitality joins NSW Art Gallery Luxury Syndicate

Frasers Hospitality will be networking with an art-loving crowd at the NSW Art Gallery.

Members of the NSW Art Gallery’s Luxury Syndicate networking and business development program has welcomed Frasers Hospitality Australia and the wider Frasers Property Group as its newest members.

Access to the exclusive group gives the Frasers Group, which now numbers four properties in Australia and nearly 150 worldwide, access to an exclusive networking group made up of art-lovers, art connoisseurs and fans of contemporary design. Membership also allows Frasers the opportunity to develop a range of ‘money can’t buy’ hotel and hospitality experiences which will be exclusively available in a non-competitive space.

Other luxury brands on show in the NSW Art Gallery program include Rolex, Vera Wang, Bang & Olufsen and Glenfiddich, among others.

Membership fees generated by the program will also provide a significant boost to the NSW art scene, helping to fund new exhibitions, education, conservation, public programs, assistance for emerging artists and luxury acquisitions for high-end showcases.

“The team at Frasers Hospitality is thrilled to be able to make a valuable contribution towards the arts community, a community that we are passionate about. We’re looking forward to working in partnership with like-minded brands and to be able to make a contribution to Australia’s thriving arts sector,” said Frasers Hospitality Australia General Manager Matthew Rubie.

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