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Australia’s first capsule hotel opens in Sydney

By Bonnie Tai

The country’s very first Japanese-inspired capsule hotel is now welcoming guests in Sydney.

Situated on George Street in Sydney’s bustling CBD, the Capsule Hotel offers 70 comfy pods in three different room types: Front Entrance, Side Entrance and Deluxe.

Each capsule comes complete with an alarm clock, a mirror, dimmed lighting, safe, LCD Android TV, complimentary WiFi, universal power points, USB charging inputs and a large locker outside the capsule for luggage.

The space-aged property’s general manager James Oliver told HM that the capsules have been consistently selling out on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays due to Sydney’s VIVID season.

“Considering we have been open less than a month, I would say there is a lot of interest and we’re expecting demand to only increase,” he said.

Oliver explained that whilst the target crowd for the capsule hotel are young international and domestic travellers, there is also a lot of interest from white collar professionals “who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels”.

When asked if the capsules are sound proof, Oliver said “no”.

“In saying that, if someone is having a conversation next door you wouldn’t be able to hear it.”

“It’s most definitely more sound proof than a six bedroom dorm at a hostel,” he concluded.

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