One area where both designers and guests agree is that lighting is one of the most important aspects of accommodation design.

Visual impact is a key factor in creating a sense of wellbeing with ambience and atmosphere a reflection of a quality environment.

Generally lighting-design focuses on three categories: background illumination, feature accents and task work.  A lighting scheme should start with this is mind and aim to incorporate and create a balance between the three.

To make a small space appear larger place lamps in the corners and use vertical beams to give the perception of height.

Cool elegant desk-lamps turn dingy dungeons into designer digs as guest rooms and public areas take on a welcoming glow.

Weatherdon’s Nero ultra-slim designer lamps have three dimmer-switch settings to individualise the mood and set the scene.

Increasingly time is spent plugged into devices for down-time leisure or high-tech communication and recognising this the smart lamp comes with an ever more essential USB port.

  • Colours: Black, White Silver and Aluminium
  • Energy saving LED
  • Easily adjustable head and arm
  • Non-slip rubber or felt-base options

A family-owned business established in 1975, Weatherdon is the preferred supplier to more than 600 hotels in Australia and New Zealand.

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