Tivok Energy has been bringing sustainability and savings to the hotel industry since 2009. The Australian based company manufactures revolutionary solar thermal water heating systems for hotels that reduce energy usage by 65% compared to gas water heating and 80% compared to electric.

In a time of rising energy costs, hotels are finding Tivok’s technology an ideal way to drastically reduce one of their largest energy loads, hot water. While simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their sustainability, which has become a key differentiator in the hotel industry. Tivok systems are now the latest source of competitive advantage for hotels.

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Above you can see the three elements of the sophisticated systems: Air-sourced Heat Pumps, Energy Banks (solar thermal storage tanks) and Solar Collectors (optional). The systems are ideal for use in both new developments and for retrofits of existing properties, and can be set up as a standalone system or to work alongside existing heating solutions to improve their efficiency.

Designed to suit hotel hot water demands, and be easily scaled up if hot water demand increases, the systems are future-proof. They require minimal maintenance and see a Return on Investment within 2 to 4 years of instalment, with excellent IRR and NPV’s over the life of the project.

With Tivok, hotel guests happily enjoy luxurious and reliable hot water while the hotel pays significantly less to provide it. Tivok even offers specialised pool and spa heating systems for further savings.

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Leaders of the Hotel industry have now recognised that sustainability is not a trend. It’s here to stay, and Tivok sustainable water heating systems allow hotels to both benefit financially from sustainability, and use it as a source of competitive advantage.

For more information or to book a free site inspection, please contact:

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