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CompNow @ COMO The Treasury

2  This month COMO The Treasury opened its 6 star doors of opulence. In the top five most exclusive and expensive hotels in Australia, COMO The Treasury is the embodiment of luxury. To compliment this position, CompNow put forward the Samsung HG series of hospitality panels, powered by Tripleplay Services, as the preferred end point to their IPTV solution. The stakeholders approved and installed the solution in every room, as well as Foxtel integration and media hubs allowing HMDI, Bluetooth & Tablet connection. A truly premium solution.

When you are looking for a solution that offers an excellent in-room experience for guests, you can’t go past the combination of Tripleplay Services for IPTV, and Samsung displays for state of the art brilliance. CompNow have an expert team to assist with scoping, procuring and installing such a system for your business.

About the HG Samsung Hospitality Series :
Expertly designed for upscale hotels, Samsung HG series displays are integrated high-performing TVs that include many premium hospitality features. The displays contribute to a luxurious guest room atmosphere and offer superior viewing with their sleek, streamlined profiles and narrow, distraction-free bezel design.


About Tripleplay Services :
TripleTV can combine over 200 channels into its IPTV distribution system – content is acquired from multiple sources including satellite, subscription, terrestrial digital, cable and off-air. These streams can then be delivered to a set top box, web browser, streaming application, mobile phone, tablet PC, Smart TV or digital signage system. Tripleplay is an award-winning technology leader of IPTV systems worldwide.


About CompNow :
CompNow is an Australian privately owned technology solutions & services provider. CompNow offers a range of hospitality solutions, providing modern hotels with the sophisticated technology they need to give guests an unforgettable experience. Case studies and reference sites available – please get in touch.


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