Do you suffer from that 21st century affliction – ‘dead battery anxiety’?

Bigger phones with larger screens, more Apps than stars in the sky, and a growing addiction with being connected is outstripping current lithium battery technology.

Kube Systems provides a hospitality industry-led solution to this increasingly common worry.


The KS Portable is ideal for restaurants, bars, meeting spaces and poolside. It’s a portable charging unit that charges up to six devices with a charge speed comparable to wall outlets. It boasts the following features:

  • upgradeable and replaceable cables
  • Qi “drop and charge” wireless charging
  • security tethering

Rather than tethering customers to elusive wall outlets, patrons can comfortably charge their devices where no outlets are in proximity. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but the longer they charge, the longer the dwell time, and so the more they will spend.

The Kube Charging Tray powers up to five KS Portable units at one time, ensuring there are enough charged Kubes available at all times.

Today hundreds of hotels worldwide, such as Marriott, Hyatt, and Four Seasons are relying on this universal charging Kube to exceed guests’ expectations, increase satisfaction and inspire loyalty. The Kube is ideal for any hotel space where outlets are in short supply, including the lobby, restaurant, bar and meeting spaces.


The KS Clock has been tailored specifically for hotels. The clock is a universal charging unit that charges up to six devices on a hotel guests’ bedside table. Not only is it a built-in simple alarm clock, it has the following features:

  • streaming high quality music through Bluetooth
  • pairing button
  • upgradeable and replaceable cables
  • optional Qi “drop and charge” wireless charging
  • security tethering

Already installed in over 5,000 guestrooms, the KS Clock provides a concierge-like experience for hotels and their guests with no cables to remember and no hardware to replace.

Born from more than 50 years of experience by renowned hospitality brand Ramler International, Kube Systems can be the difference between a good experience and a great one.


For more information, contact Kube Systems.

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Kube Systems
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