QT Canberra staff EDITED

QT Hotels and Resorts has launched Canberra’s most exclusive private invitation only lounge, the QT Lounge, set on the 15th floor of the newly revamped QT Canberra hotel.

Members of the QT Lounge have been hand selected by QT Canberra and include some of the biggest, influential and most powerful names in the country.

The QT Lounge will be the exclusive place of business for the highest-level influencers across industry, corporate sector, politics, government departments, embassies and media. It will be the place for a breakfast meeting, new business, handshake deals, long lunches and exclusive events to take place.

QT Canberra Lounge EDITED

QT Canberra may look and feel like a new hotel, thanks to the work of renowned designer Nic Graham, however it’s a building steeped in Canberra history. With tales of back-room meetings, secret deals and acceptance speeches it’s the perfect platform for the QT Lounge – an exclusive, private, invitation only lounge for the modern era.

The lounge boasting and eclectic mix of bold design, quirky artefacts, bespoke furniture, a daring use of colour and art, the ultimate in food and beverage and all the business savvy mod-cons the astute businessperson needs to get the job done in 2014.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management