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Qantas and Emirates’ NZ deal

Qantas Emirates Sydney Airport - EDITED

Qantas and Emirates have welcomed the New Zealand Minister for Transport’s decision to approve their partnership for five years.

The partnership will provide New Zealand customers with stronger links to Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the UK, as well as frequent flyer benefits and world-class travel experiences.

Qantas and Emirates applied for authorisation of the partnership under the Civil Aviation Act.

Chief Executive Officer of the Qantas Group Alan Joyce said the decision was great news for global travellers and local tourism.

“This decision means that New Zealand consumers can tap into the lounges, frequent flyer benefits and destinations available under the joint Qantas and Emirates network,” Joyce said.

“The partnership also opens the door to increased tourism opportunities for New Zealand, by making it easier for travellers across both Qantas and Emirates’ network to connect more seamlessly across the Tasman.”

In welcoming today’s announcement, President of Emirates Tim Clark, said: “This is a truly game-changing partnership that brings together two of the world’s best airlines and offers some of the highest quality travel experiences.

“Dubai is a leading global hub and through it, our two airlines will connect New Zealand to Europe, the UK and Northern Africa more smoothly than ever before,” Clark said.

Qantas and Emirates operate a total of 129 flights per week between Australia and New Zealand on a mix of B737, B767, B777 and A380 aircraft.

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