Show staff and customers how much you care about them and the environment with the new FSC® certified Tork® Premium Facial Tissues.

New FSC certified Tork Facial Tissues with new pack design to complement your décor

The contemporary, leafy pack design looks good enough to proudly display and reflects the strong sustainability credentials of the redesigned product. “100% of customers surveyed found FSC to be a great selling point and agreed that it would add value to those that are environmentally conscious,” says Executive General Manager AFH, Sid Takla.

The FSC certification means you can choose Tork Premium Facial Tissues with confidence, knowing that 100% of the fresh fibre-based materials used come from non-controversial, environmentally responsible sources.

The new FSC certified Tork Premium Facial Tissues brings Tork’s tally of FSC certified washroom and wiper products to 25, the largest number of FSC certified professional hygiene products in the market.

You can also rest assured that Tork uses responsible manufacturing processes, which include a lifecycle approach that makes responsible choices in every aspect of the product journey.

This is great news for businesses serious about sustainability or with environmental policies that outline specific goals to reduce waste, use less water and energy or to purchase only sustainable products.

Tork Premium Facial Tissues are soft to touch but durable and present great value for money as well. So if your business is trying to meet green procurement targets without compromising on quality or cost then the new Tork Premium Facial Tissues has it in the box.

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James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management