Kids from the Natadola Community

The overwhelming success to date of InterContinental Fiji’s Community Care program is leading to bigger things, with the Fijian Ministry of Education set to collaborate with the People’s Resort to improve education facilities in the greater Natadola community.

Since opening in 2009 and introducing its Community Care program, InterContinental Fiji and its colleagues and guests have given time, labour, resources and materials, and organised more than FJD$100,000 in funding to improve nearby Malomalo Primary school.

In that time, InterContinental Fiji’s Community Care team has transformed Malomalo Primary, connecting and fresh water to the school, building a new roof, painting buildings and repairing old and broken furniture and structures.  InterContinental Fiji’s guests have also donated money, books, stationery, education materials, toys, computers and clothing to the school.

“Another boon to the Malomalo Community Care project has been the MICE groups who have gotten involved in helping us repair damaged property, re-paint classrooms and furniture, and raise thousands of dollars for the school as part of their conferences at our resort,” said InterContinental Fiji general manager, Scott Williams.

“Since we began, we’ve completely transformed Malomalo Primary – and demonstrated to our guests, ourselves and the Fijian community what can be achieved when we all share a common commitment to improving the welfare of our community.  We’re now looking to expand our efforts into other local schools, and are delighted the Fijian Ministry of Education is getting involved to help identify where help is most needed.”

The resort’s program, which has assisted the Ministry of Education fulfil outcomes of the Education Sector Strategic Development Plan, supports the government’s initiative to ‘alleviate poverty and help make Fiji a knowledge based society’.

The Ministry of Education isn’t alone in recognising the impact of InterContinental Fiji’s Community Care program.  In January, InterContinental Fiji unveiled the brand new Malomalo Kindergarten and playground developed in partnership with Fiji Water – and further projects and additional alignments are being considered.

“Our Community Care initiative has shown that sometimes, all it takes is for someone to take the first step.  The immediate positive impact on attendance rates, learning success and community support has attracted other organisations who like us, are in a position to make a difference in improving the quality of education for Fijians,” Mr Williams said.

“This is a labour of love for us.  Locals may know InterContinental Fiji as the People’s Resort due to its ownership by The Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF), but we hope we can live up to the name through our efforts to help create new opportunities for the children in our community.”

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management