Melbourne's sporting precinct
Melbourne's sporting precinct


Australia’s Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson has praised the Accommodation Association’s partnership with the Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC), saying it is important the industry started speaking with ‘one voice’.

Last Friday (Jul 6) in Melbourne, the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAA) launched an alliance with VTIC which means members can purchase a combined membership package and “benefit from a united industry voice”, according to the organisations.

The alliance was launched at Sofitel Melbourne by Ferguson, who said the new partnership would “strengthen your promotional efforts and create a united front when striving for improvements to the industry”.

“It has become increasingly important for Australia’s tourism industry to speak with one voice,” he said.

“To have an effective presence in the global market, Australia needs one clear, loud message to the world.

“Greater collaboration within industry, and between industry and government, will help to make the most of our opportunities for growth.

“Former Qantas chief executive, and current Tourism Australia Chair, Geoff Dixon expressed these very sentiments in an address to the Australian Institute of Company Directors late last year. He said there was a particular need to speak with one voice when talking about Australia in Asia.

“I would like to congratulate your two organisations on forming this important new partnership. In speaking with one voice you will help to make the most of the opportunities for tourism growth.

“The Government will continue to work with industry and all levels of Government to get outcomes for the tourism industry [and] with over 500,000 Australian jobs relying on this industry it is vital that we get it right,” Ferguson said.

VTIC Chief Executive Dianne Smith said the collaboration “made sense”.

“It brings together two representative industry organisations to provide specialised service and improved representations made to the Victorian and federal governments,” she said. 

“We’ve chosen to collaborate and form an alliance rather than operate independently. This offers our Victorian accommodation operators the option to leverage on VTIC’s role as a peak body across all tourism and events sectors in Victoria as well as a wider range of opportunities and networks. We see it as double the value for the same price,” Smith said.

AAA CEO Richard Munro said the alliance was “all about delivering stronger services and advocacy for operators of accommodation businesses in Victoria”.

“It will assist with ensuring the continued growth and vibrancy of this important industry and is an opportunity to strengthen the accommodation sector in Victoria,” he said.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management