Queenstown: host city for TRENZ
Queenstown: host city for TRENZ

Four days of intensive meetings and networking at TRENZ 2012 this week (May 7-10) in Queenstown is expected to generate millions of dollars of new international business for New Zealand tourism operators, says the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA).

“New Zealand tourism operators that exhibited at last year’s TRENZ, which was held in Queenstown for the first time, told us their attendance secured a total of $164 million of new business over 12 months,” says TIA’s spokeswoman Ann-Marie Johnson.

“Tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest export industries, earning almost $10 billion in valuable foreign exchange each year. Held annually, TRENZ is vital in ensuring Destination New Zealand remains competitive and grows its share of the international tourism business.”

Around 1000 delegates are in Queenstown this week to attend TRENZ 2012 and they will include 308 invited international travel buyers, the most important in terms of influencing consumers in their home markets to travel to New Zealand.

They will talk business and network with about the same number of leading New Zealand tourism operators.

A contingent of about 60 domestic and international media will also attend, plus sponsors and various other VIPS, including New Zealand’s Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, John Key.

Johnson says TRENZ is not only a showcase for all that New Zealand has to offer visitors, it is also a major event that for the second consecutive year will pump more than NZD$1.5 million into local Southern Lakes Region and Queenstown businesses.

“The benefits will be felt not just by TRENZ suppliers, such as the caterer and venues, but by a raft of other local businesses, from hotels, restaurants and bars to petrol stations, retailers and taxis,” she says.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for the host region to impress travel Buyers and Media from across the world, with delegates attending networking functions and activities throughout the region as part of the event.

“From our region’s perspective there is no better way than TRENZ to showcase what we have than for Buyers to see it firsthand,” says Southern Lakes Chairman Jeff Staniland.

“For Queenstown there are benefits across most sectors of the economy in providing services to the TRENZ event and all the visitor traffic it generates. It’s certainly a win-win for the Southern Lakes.”

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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