Hayman has engaged award-winning landscape designer, horticulturalist, and personality, Jamie Durie, to rejuvenate and refresh the beautiful garden surrounds of the acclaimed resort.

Durie will be drawing on his unconditional passion for the outdoors and a deep connection with nature and its many qualities, to guide him in recreating the breathtaking and tranquil Hayman garden landscape setting which was severely impacted by recent Tropical Cyclones Anthony and Yasi and forced the temporary closure of the resort until the end of July 2011.

Durie said he was “proud to be involved with one of Australia’s most prestigious and iconic resorts”. 

“Over the years I have visited Hayman many times and have always been in awe of its natural beauty,” he said. “Designing for Hayman certainly won’t feel like work for me.

“It will be an honour, privilege and pleasure to design for Hayman. And with the support of the owners, management team and staff on the island, my team at Durie Design and I are committed to not just rejuvenating the existing gardens, but offering six new exciting outdoor destinations for the guests to enjoy in Hayman’s classic, sophisticated, yet under-stated style.”

Mulpha Australia’s Head of Hotel Investments Hayman Managing Director, Lloyd Donaldson, said: “We are delighted to have Jamie involved in the design and evolving stages of our beautiful gardens on the island.”

“It is wonderful to have a highly respected and talented professional in Jamie bringing his incredible energy and immense knowledge and expertise to Hayman, which over many years, has been acknowledged as one of the top resorts of the world.”